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Potato blossoms are out early in Maine


A tractor and hay roll sit in a field in Aroostook County, Maine. Photo by Kelly McInnis

Potatoes are big in Maine, especially in Aroostook County where I grew up.

And when I say big, I mean BIG. After all, they even have a Potato Blossom Festival and there’s a festival queen and everything, so it has to be pretty big.

Potatoes are big for the economy and the cultural experience of Maine. For some farming families and communities, potatoes are king.

A fellow member of the Ashland Community High School Class of 1980 Kelly McInnis takes photos that I’ve shared here before. Here are two of potato blossoms and a nice rural image of a tractor and hay. The photos were taken Wednesday in record temperatures for Aroostook County — 93 degrees.

“The potato fields are in Mapleton just as you hit that turn headed to Ashland, Willard Doyen’s Farm,” Kelly wrote of the photos. “I just wanted to get a shot because the blossoms are beautiful. They are a few weeks early this year due to the mild winter and (farmers’) ability to plant early.”

“The tractor was out … somewhere,” Kelly added. “My boyfriend is a photographer and likes to just ride and see what he may come across, so I tag along and bring my camera, too.

“I’ve always had an interest in photography, but it really takes a commitment to get anything good. I’m getting back into it.”

The photos are shared here with Kelly’s permission. Enjoy!

Potato blossoms were out early this year. Here is a field near Mapleton, Maine, in Aroostook County. Photos by Kelly McInnis

Here's another shot of the potato blossoms.