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Annual Maine law enforcement summer pot harvesting under way | Lewiston Sun Journal

MEXICO, Maine — Law enforcement officials in Western Maine say there could be a bumper crop of marijuana this year, based on outside growing conditions and the number of plants seized so far.

Police are finding that plants cultivated outdoors are doing much better than in the past two years put together, Oxford County Marijuana Eradication Coordinator Chancey Libby said.

“Two years ago, we were finding pathetic-looking plants that were over-watered and drowned by all the rain,” Cpl. Libby said.

The lack of rain this summer, however, means people who cultivate marijuana outdoors have to work that much harder to grow it, which increases the risk of getting caught, Libby said.

“We’ve had such a nice, dry summer that these people will have to tote more water in,” he said.

The county’s biggest haul so far came on Aug. 3 when 298 plants were seized in Andover.

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