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Still time to raise money for Tour de Cure

Earlier this year I posted a request for donations go to Tour de Cure with the money raised used to combat diabetes (“Skip that grande latte, click below to back a cure for diabetes,” Letters From Away, Jan. 15, 2011). My sister has diabetes and the medical challenges are incredible.

Here’s an update from Diane Barney, my former boss who is raising money for the May 1 Tour de Cure in Napa. She wrote:

Thanks to all my generous friends, I have made my fund-raising goal for Tour de Cure (although always happy to raise more.) But if you were going to pledge me and you haven’t yet, please pledge for my husband, Chuck, who has signed up to ride 25 miles as well! Let’s get him off the zero mark. He needs to raise a minimum of $225 by May 1. You can use a credit card on the link above for your pledge! Thanks!!!

Here’s the link to Chuck Tour de Cure web page where donations can be made.