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Lincoln mill’s restart shows papermaking still pays | Bangor Daily News

Lincoln mill’s restart shows papermaking still pays | Bangor Daily News

Fraser execs got bonuses as company sought bankruptcy

(This sort of corporate greed really irks – but does not surprise – me, especially since we’ve seen so much of it on Wall Street. Frankly, Wall Street is going to bring upon itself a revolution if it is not careful. – KM)

Union workers miffed

after taking cut in pay

MADAWASKA, Maine — As Fraser Papers Inc. stock tumbled in 2008 and losses culminated with Fraser seeking bankruptcy protection in mid-2009, its six top-level executives received $50,000 to $162,500 in bonuses, the company’s spring 2009 report to stockholders revealed.

Fraser’s highest-paid executive was Chief Executive Officer Peter Gordon. He received a $162,500 cash bonus atop his $325,000 base salary, stock option awards of $637,500, another $15,750 in pension value and $3,126 in “other compensation.” His take in 2008: $1.14 million.

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Here’s a link to another story about the bonuses: “Bonuses at Fraser small compared to other mills

Fraser aims to heal pain of workers

MADAWASKA, Maine — Having just completed a painful contract negotiation with its largest American union, Fraser Papers Inc. now will work to heal divisions within the local paper mill and to finish the company’s emergence from bankruptcy protection, its chief contract negotiator said Tuesday.

“We are pleased that the agreement is ratified,” said Bill Peterson, Fraser’s human resources director. “We know it was difficult for people and it is one giant step that had to occur in order for [a new company] to be born, or to emerge into existence.

“We are obviously closer to the finish line today than we were yesterday,” Peterson said Tuesday.

About 65 percent of the 460 members of United Steelworkers Locals 291, 365 and 1247 approved a new three-year deal Monday that put into effect an immediate 8.5 percent wage cut. Union votes on Nov. 22 and Dec. 30 had rejected the contract overwhelmingly.

Management declared last week that the new deal is among three conditions the re-formed, post-bankruptcy Fraser company, temporarily called Newco, must meet to prevent the closing and scrapping of the 680-worker mill and its sister pulp mill across the St. John River in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

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Madawaska union accepts 8.5% pay cut

Fraser officials say

3-year pact critical

to survival of paper mill

MADAWASKA, Maine — The United Steelworkers union will take an immediate 8.5 percent wage cut in accepting a new three-year contract Monday that Fraser Papers Inc. management calls critical to keeping the town paper mill going.

About 65 percent of the 460 members of USW Locals 291, 365 and 1247 approved the three-year deal in voting Monday. They didn’t do it happily, said Duane Lugdon, Maine’s USW international representative.

“The members have been running in and out all day voting and expressing their dismay. They don’t consider this a fair deal but they recognize that the company has a gun to their heads,” Lugdon said Monday.

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Paper mill calls back employees, No. 10 machine to restart

RUMFORD — By the end of the week, all hourly employees who were laid off during 2009 who want to return to their jobs will be back to work at NewPage Corp. And by mid-February, the No. 10 paper machine will be up and running.

Janet Hall, spokeswoman for the mill, declined to reveal the number of employees who are affected.

In January, the mill announced that about 100 hourly employees would lose their jobs due to poor market conditions. That number was never reached, however.

Matt Bean, president of Local 900, estimated that about 100 men and women would be back on the job by Friday.

Most of the returning employees will work on the No. 10 paper machine, which has been down since September, or in supporting positions for the machine. These include such jobs as work in the finishing room and the rewinder.

With the No. 10 machine coming back online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the local mill’s three paper machines will be operating full time.

Hall declined to speculate on whether the moves are an indication of an improving economy.

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