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Quimby’s subdivision plans stun locals | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Quimby’s subdivision plans stun locals | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

Char, trout restored to remote pond | Bangor Daily News

Char, trout restored to remote pond | Bangor Daily News.

Maxim, mousetraps and machine guns

So, what do Sangerville (Piscataquis County), the mousetrap, and the machine gun have in common?

Well, answer today’s DownEast.com trivia question and find out. … OK, enough of that, here’s the question and the answer.

Who invented the common mousetrap?


Sangerville native Hiram Maxim, who also invented the machine gun.

Willimantic native chosen to speak at Colby graduation | Bangor Daily News

Willimantic native chosen to speak at graduation – Bangor Daily News.

Nation’s first forest fire tower built in Maine

OK, I have a special reason to like today’s DownEast.com trivia question. Two of them, actually.

When I was a kid there was a Disney TV movie, “Fire on Kelly Mountain” (1973), in which Larry Wilcox played a young guy who works in a forest fire lookout tower, becomes bored, and ends up fighting a lightning strike.

And because I ended up being a wildland firefighter for three summers while attending college in Chico, California.

Where was the country’s first forest fire lookout tower built?


In 1905, on Squaw Mountain, since renamed Big Moose Mountain.

Big Moose Mountain is in Piscataquis County, Maine, by the way. It’s near Moosehead Lake.

Nah, the Allagash has to be longer than that … doesn’t it?

When I was a kid – I don’t remember how old exactly – my family and my Uncle Wally’s family loaded up canoes on various mode of land vehicle and we drove to north central Maine and camped near the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, of which the Allagash is the central component. The next day, we put in canoes and we paddled out way north – the Allagash flows northward – for nearly a week of paddling along the waterway.

DownEast.com today had a trivia question about the length of the waterway and I was surprised at the answer. It seemed a little short, from what I remember of that trip. But then again, I was a youngster sitting in the back of a canoe. It was a pretty sweet adventure.

As I recall, we had to pick up the pace a bit about midway. A Maine game warden caught up with us to tell us that a relative of my father had died. He wanted to make the funeral services so we paddled double-time after we got the word.

Here’s the question and answer.

How long is the Allagash Wilderness Waterway?


Ninety-two miles in northern Piscataquis and western Aroostook counties.

Trust me, it seemed much longer than 92 miles.

You can get there from here

Here’s DownEast.com’s trivia question of the day. I believe I may have been here once or twice. Maybe. I’m not totally sure that it is accessible.

Where is the geographic center of Maine?


In Piscataquis County, eighteen miles north of Dover-Foxcroft at Longitude: 69° 14.0’W and Latitude: 45° 15.2’N.