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Energy-efficiency grants could create 1,000 jobs

(Reducing carbon emissions and creating and maintaining jobs is a good thing. It appears that at least a couple of the recipients are located in Aroostook County. That’s good for people there. — KM)

$8.9 million in funds partly from a carbon emissions trading plan is awarded to 16 projects.


Kennebec Journal,

 January 7, 2010

The nation’s first mandatory carbon trading scheme is being credited with potentially creating nearly 1,000 jobs while promoting energy-efficiency projects in industries across Maine.

Sixteen projects were awarded $8.9 million in state and federal grant money on Wednesday. “These projects are ready to go,” Gov. John Baldacci said in announcing the grants.

The funds are a combination of federal stimulus money and revenue from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which requires industries to pay for each ton of carbon dioxide they release into the atmosphere.

Here’s a link to the rest of the story.