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Blueberries on the balcony

If you look closely, you'll see a few blueberries on the bushes on my balcony. A touch of Maine in California.

A little more than a year or so ago I bought a couple of Southern Highbush Blueberry bushes and put them on my balcony for a touch of Maine in California.

And now some of the berries are starting to come out.

According to the instructions card that came with the bushes, they are a fairly new hybrid specifically for southern climates that “does triple duty with fruit, flowers, and foliage. Yields bountiful crops in sun or part shade. Self pollinating.”

I’m hoping that I won’t kill these bushes. I’d like a few blueberries.

I love these tiny blue nuggets of gold.

With only two bushes, I seriously doubt I'll harvest much more than a handful, but it will be a very tasty handful.

Here's the last of the blueberry photos ... for now.