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Lewiston teacher wins national award | Lewiston Sun Journal

LEWISTON — After her name was called out, jubilant Montello Elementary School teacher Kristie Clark ran to the podium. Delighted students screamed and applauded.

 “What a way to start a week! Woo-hoo Montello!” Clark cried out during a K-3 student assembly.

 During the surprise assembly students were told they’d soon learn about a secret: Clark is the winner of the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award for excellence in teaching. Only one teacher in Maine will receive the award this year, according to the Maine Department of Education. The announcement was made by Education Commissioner Angela Faherty.

 As a Milken Award winner, Clark becomes a model teacher for Maine and the nation, wins an all-expense paid trip to California in April, and receives a cash award of $25,000.

Click for the rest of the story by Bonnie Washuk in the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Coffeehouse observation No. 147

I’m sitting in the coffeehouse and a woman who works for the local school district sat at the next table. She is loud, obnoxious, and apparently knows everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. She’s loudly complaining about the district, the former superintendent, and the school board. And I just want to stuff a pillow in her mouth to get her to be quiet. That’s not wrong; it would be a public service. … I’ve turned up Pearl Jam on the headphones and even that isn’t drowning out her voice.

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Looking for the next island teacher, Part One

Below is a link to a blog post by Eva Murray, a Maine island-dweller and regular contributor to the DownEast.com blogs. This one apparently is the first part in a series about finding a teacher to guide the children on Matinicus. The post is fun, especially since she ended up on the island answering an ad for, you guessed it, teacher. Now she’s on the school board. Ms. Murray “writes of all-things Matinicus, including wrenches, whoopie pies, and wayward reporters in search of quaint Maine,” according to her blog. — KM

Looking for the next island teacher, Part One