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Amity slayings: A son’s questions, a mother’s anguish | Bangor Daily News

AMITY, Maine — A little more than two months after his father and half-brother were stabbed to death inside their home during a brutal triple slaying, Shannon Ryan’s mind keeps wandering.

What time did his father, Jeffrey Ryan, 55, his half-brother Jesse, 10, and close family friend Jason Dehahn really die? Was there someone else involved in the crime besides 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby, who has been charged with three counts of murder? And most of all, he wonders, why hasn’t the man who admitted helping Ormsby conceal evidence of the crimes been arrested?

“Why in the world hasn’t he been charged or arrested?” the 35-year-old Ryan asked during a phone interview Wednesday from his home in Texas. “I think that question boggles the mind of everyone up in that area and probably in the state.”

Jamie Merrill, Jeffrey Ryan’s ex-wife and the dead boy’s mother, is having the same thoughts and feelings, she said Wednesday.

“There is no way that that 20-year-old got it in his mind to kill these people alone,” she said from her home in Lewiston. “We know that he did not get rid of evidence of the crime alone. The police have said that. And I think this was planned beforehand and Ormsby didn’t act alone.”

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