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‘Deadliest Catch Live’ coming to Maine | Bangor Daily News

‘Deadliest Catch Live’ coming to Maine | Bangor Daily News

Limited seating remains available for Deadliest Catch Live. For tickets, call the Merrill Auditorium box office at (207) 842-0800 or visit porttix.com.

Casting call in Portland presents ‘Real’ opportunity for Mainers| The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Casting call presents ‘Real’ opportunity | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

And I was trying to stay out of the whole vampire thing …

I am not into fads, especially those rising from the wreckage that is the entertainment industry.

That is not intended as an insult to my very hardworking and very talented friends working as journalists covering the entertainment industry. No, those hardworking and talented people come up with their very own fads … that I tend to ignore, also.

So I have stayed away from bothering with the resurgence of vampires on TV and cinema screens and in posters and whatnot purchased by teenagers. Just not interested.

But here I go writing – although very briefly – about vampires.

As I do often, I was checking out DownEast.com and went to its Maine trivia question. Today’s was:

What town is the basis for Collinsport in the Gothic horror soap opera “Dark Shadows”?

The answer surprised me:

Bar Harbor

I am not sure why it surprised me, after all, for as long as I can recall movies and TV have filmed in Maine or been “set” in Maine. (i.e. “Murder She Wrote” was set in Maine, but the bulk of the filming was done in California. My first job out of college was in Mendocino, Calif., where some exterior scenes were shot. Sunsets were shot at sunrise, etc.)

 “Peyton Place,” “Captains Courageous” and “In the Bedroom” were filmed in Camden, which is the community that jumped to mind when I first read the question. They even have the Camden International Film Festival.

“The Cider House Rules” also was filmed in Maine.

Stephen King is perhaps the most famous Maine resident and many of his tales are set in smalltown Maine. But as far as I could tell, only “Pet Semetary,” “The Storm of the Century,” and “Thinner” were made in Maine.

You might have noticed that two TV adaptations of King’s vampire tale, “Salem’s Lot,” were not listed here. That is because the 1979 version was filmed in Eureka, Calif., and Ferndale, Calif., according to the Internet Movie Database, which are two fine Northern California towns that Mainers would not mind visiting, trust me. And the 2004 version was filmed in Australia. That’s what IMDB says, Australia.

I looked for a more comprehensive list of films shot in Maine, but did not immediately find one. I will update this post with the list or a link to the list should I find it.

Here are links to a couple of other Maine/New England film and video websites.

Oh, by the way, IMDB says the 1966 version of “Dark Shadows,” the show mentioned in the trivia question, was filmed in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York City. The 1991 version was filmed in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Go figure.