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Maine stuff in my California apartment No. 9 – One more moose with a taste for south of the border

Today’s photos are of a moose shot glass. I really should have included it with the other moose entry, but I forgot I had this shot glass. I don’t do shots quite like I did in my younger day.

Found moose shot glass rinsed and ready for tequila.

I don’t recall where or how I received this shot glass. I very probably purchased it on one of my last visits to Maine and I very probably purchased one like it for my friends Rick and Michele.

I was pulling down another glass from a high shelf in my glass cabinet in my California apartment when I spotted this shot glass and another with an image of the University of Arkansas hog. That was a treasure from Rick and Michele following a visit to his native Arkansas.

Moose shot glass filled and at the ready.

Since I had some Jose Cuervo Especial left over from margaritas I decide to use the glass for a single shot of tequila. (And, yes, it was just one shot.) It went down nicely.

Aww, just a slight bit of tequila residue left behind.

 This is an occasional multipart series of photos of things related to Maine that can be found in Keith Michaud’s California apartment. All photos in this series are shot by and are the property of Keith Michaud.

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