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Occupy Maine gets support from unions as demonstration nears one-week mark | Bangor Daily News

PORTLAND, Maine — Members of a group angry about corporate influence on government has found support from southern Maine labor unions as they close in on a week of camping out in downtown Portland.

The Occupy Maine settlement, a local offshoot of a nationwide network of demonstrations that began in mid-September with Occupy Wall Street, reaches its seventh day Friday, and members say their group is still growing. This weekend, Occupy Maine will celebrate what it’s calling Free Speech Weekend with music, yoga and art making.

Members of the Occupy movement have been calling themselves “the 99 percent,” referring to all those who are not among the 1 percent of the American population who control nearly half of wealth in the country. That 1 percent, occupiers argue, have an unfair amount of influence on federal governance.

“We’re getting bigger and bigger,” said Demi Colby, 23, of Gardiner, who took part in Occupy Wall Street and returned to her home state to help launch Occupy Maine on Saturday, Oct. 1.

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Long-term unemployment cripples the economy | National Voices – Modbee.com

[The piece I shared with you all earlier this week was picked up by the Modesto Bee after Reporter Opinion Page Editor Karen Nolan shared it with the National Conference of Editorial Writers. I hear a couple of other newspapers plan to use it. … This is the closest I have been or ever will be to being a syndicated columnist.  — KM]

Long-term unemployment cripples the economy – National Voices – Modbee.com.