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Before Dr. McDreamy, there was a Brat Packer

The most popular actor to come from Maine in some time is Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka Dr. McDreamy, on “Grey’s Anatomy.” He was born in Lewiston and grew up in Bucksfield, according to Wikipedia and The Internet Movie Database.

Anyway, a while before Dempsey became Dr. McDreamy, there was another actor from Maine people were talking about. He is the subject of the DownEast.com trivia question for today. I knew the answer, by the way.

What Brat Pack actor was born in Portland and starred in “The Breakfast Club?”


Judd Nelson

No need to be peeved over the peavey! It’s from Maine!

I knew the answer to today’s DownEast.com trivia question because we had one or two of these tools around the garage while I was growing up. Um, of course, our peaveys were normal-sized, not giant-sized.

What is that strange-looking implement held by Bangor’s Paul Bunyan statue?


It’s a peavey, a logging tool invented by Joseph Peavey of Stillwater in the 1850s.

Here’s a bit more about the peavey tool. This is from Wikipedia, so I won’t vouch for the accuracy, but it does seem correct.

A peavey or peavey hook is a logging tool consisting of a handle, generally from 30 to 50 inches long (0.75 to 1.25 m), with a metal spike protruding from the end. The spike is rammed into a log, then a hook (at the end of an arm attached to a pivot a short distance up the handle) grabs the log at a second location. Once engaged, the handle gives the operator leverage to roll or slide or float the log to a new position.

The peavey was named for blacksmith Joseph Peavey of Stillwater, Maine, who invented the tool as a refinement to the Cant Hook (also known as a cant dog) in the 1850s. Many lumberjacks use the terms interchangeably, though a peavey will have a spike in the end of the handle, and a cant dog will have a blunt end or possibly small teeth for friction.[1]

The Peavey Manufacturing Co. is still located in Maine and manufactures several variations.

The entry has a line drawing of a logger using he peavey so here’s a link to the entry about the peavey tool.

‘Black Sam’ Bellamy and the ‘pirate’s republic’ in Maine

You gotta love pirate trivia. And you had to know there was plenty of it to go around when it comes to Maine. The rocky coast must have made it a perfect place for pirates and pirate ships to hide. I also seem to recall from what my high school history teach told us in class that it was a good place to offload booze during Prohibition and marijuana during the Age of Aquarius.

Here’s the pirate trivia question from DownEast.com.

Why was Maine a special place for the pirate captain Samuel Bellamy?


Bellamy planned to establish a “pirate’s republic” in the remote Machias area of eastern Maine.

I’m not very trusting of Wikipedia, but here’s a link to the entry for Capt. Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy.