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Where is Ram Island light?: Newly sold lighthouse to be added to the tax rolls of Cape Elizabeth or Portland | Portland Press Herald

Ram Island Ledge Light

Ram Island Ledge Light

Ram Island Ledge Light will move onto the tax rolls because of its pending sale from the federal government to a doctor from Windham.

The question is, which tax rolls?

According to the online auction site set up by the U.S. General Services Administration, the lighthouse is at the entrance to Portland Harbor, off Cape Elizabeth.

The site says its street address is “Cumberland County,” and the city is Cape Elizabeth.

That’s news to Cape Elizabeth’s town manager.

“We don’t believe it’s in Cape Elizabeth,” said Mike McGovern. “We believe it’s in the city of Portland.”

Portland’s tax assessor, Richard Blackburn, said McGovern is probably right.

“There have been some questions” about which municipality the lighthouse is in, Blackburn said, and those questions have never been answered.

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New AR-15s give Maine State Police needed firepower: Assault weapons replace 9mm rifles that nobody believed in | Portland Press Herald

[I’m a little surprised Maine troopers didn’t already have the AR-15 given the kind of firepower criminals tend to pack. I hope these weapons cause people in a faceoff with troopers to simply give up and take the consequences of whatever it was that caused the troopers to be called in the first place. The AR-15 is an effective weapon in the hands of a trained police officer. By the way, a derivative of the AR-15 is the M-16 used by the U.S. military. — KM]

Maine State Police troopers will be issued 105 new assault weapons that are much more powerful than the rifles they have been using.

The Legislature approved the purchase of the AR-15 assault rifles, manufactured by Bushmaster at the company’s plant in Windham. The new weapons cost a total of $76,191.

Why the need for greater firepower? Mike Edes, president of the Maine State Troopers Association, said “almost nobody” in the department has confidence in their Ruger carbine rifles, the 9 mm weapons that the AR-15s are replacing.

“My analogy is this: I’m a deer hunter. I would not go hunting with a 9mm for deer,” Edes said. “So why would I want to be protected against a person that has another firearm, and wants to kill me and is coming after me, and rely on a gun I wouldn’t even go deer hunting with?”

The guns are being paid for with a combination of drug enforcement money and state funds, said Rep. Paulette Beaudoin, D-Biddeford.

Click on the lick for the rest of this story by Meredith Goad in today’s Portland Press Herald.

And here is a link to the Bangor Daily News version of the story, which seems to be better written. Here is the link to “State police to receive new AR-15 assault rifles” | Bangor Daily News

Game warden goes through ice on Sebago – Bangor Daily News

Game warden goes through ice on Sebago – Bangor Daily News.