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Coffeehouse observation No. 258

I think the WordPress metrics must have gone a little haywire yesterday. It registered 302 visits to my Coffeehouse Observer blog yesterday. That’s pretty good for a tiny blog I barely promote, but I’m not letting my head swell. Before yesterday, the blog metrics registered about 1,366 visits in the entire year since I started commenting on the things I see in the coffeehouse. I have no illusions that somehow the world suddenly “discovered” Coffeehouse Observer. It must be a glitch. But a fun one.

Go to Coffeehouse Observer for more coffeehouse observations.

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Blogging around a very small world

This cracks me up just a little bit. I have “Letters From Away” on two platforms – WordPress and Blogger – because when I first started the blog I wanted to spread out the reach a little bit.

Anyway, one of the features on the Blogger metrics is a list of countries in which visitors to the blog are located. What strikes me somewhat odd – yeah, “odd” is the word – is how many visitors are from countries such as China, South Korea and Singapore.

I know one person who is currently in one of those countries. She’s working at a newspaper in Beijing.

The only other person I knew who regularly traveled to that part of the world no longer travels there. At least, as far as I know.

I’m guessing visitors from those countries are merely stumbling on me via a search engine. I seriously doubt I have an international following. I don’t have the ego to believe that.

But it is proof – as if we needed more proof – that the world is a pretty small place.

Here’s the list from the past day or so.

United States                                                                                               60
China                                                                                                               23
South Korea                                                                                          20
Canada                                                                                    6
Poland                                                                                     1
Latvia                                                                                      1
Sweden                                                                                                  1
Singapore                                                                                       1
Netherlands                                                                         1
United Kingdom                                                                    1